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Youtube - tri•bo•lu•mi•nes•cence
luminescence due to friction
Youtube is what they promised us when they first cut the strings, unwrapped the box and unveiled the world wide web to a dial-up, DOS world. It’s where you go to learn about damn near anything. Back in Kentucky, when my brake pads were worn, I’d go to my car friend and watch him do them. Sometimes he’d let me help: I’d hand him a hammer or a C-clamp. Good job.
A couple years later my brakes needed changing again, as well as some more complicated work to replace the brake piston, or the shoe, or the caliper... I didn’t even know what the pieces were called. But I didn’t have my car friend for to use: I left him 2000 miles in the past. Damn.
But I DID have Youtube :fangirl!: A few searches and there I found them: several videos of people doing various brake jobs on similar makes and models to my car. It took me seven hours to do the one hour job, but dammit I DID it. I was a mess of grease and oil, brake fluid and rust, but it felt good to be dirty from doing well.
My biggest problem with Youtube is the commenters. I don’t know what it is, but Youtube commenters seem to be the worst, stupidest most racist of any website that doesn’t directly cater to idiots and racists. I watched some police pursuit videos recently, and if the criminal happened to be white, comments would be about police methods or commentary about that specific chase. If the criminal was black, then nigger nigger nigger! PROOF that those monkeys are inferior! Ugh.
Now if I can just watch some ganglion cyst removal videos then I’ll be ready to operate on myself.

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