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Midnight Impulses - tri•bo•lu•mi•nes•cence
luminescence due to friction
Midnight Impulses
As with many, many of the ideas that I have come to me in bed shortly before falling asleep (shortly being relative: it takes me ages to fall asleep). And as with many, by the time morning comes my ideas have been forgotten or my resolve has dissolved.
So it was the other night when, lying there, I quite randomly decided that shaving my head would be a neat idea. It wasn’t out of any depressive or destructive train of thought, I just randomly thought it would be cool and for the first time felt that maybe I could handle whatever self-image/everybody’s looking at me issues that it might stir up. It was a liberating thought.
But I was sleep, and I was in bed, and I knew that many a midnight impulse melts away in the morning light. And so it was with this—to an extent. I still have it as an idea worth considering, it just needs enough consideration. Lots of it. Over the course of time. Lots of time, maybe.

Cool story, bro. Main character goes to bed, fall asleep. Nothing happens. The end.

Actually, it sounds cooler like that.

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